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Suze Laidlaw (previously Katz), founder of the popular company and now web site "Some Things Cozy", began her decorating quest in the late 90's, searching garage sales and flea markets for past treasures with "good bones" and nice lines. Then she came up with a unique process to turn them into one of a kind truly personal pieces for the home.

Coming from generations of knitters and tailors, Suze also captures the patterns in her head and translates them into the most outstanding throw pillows and blankets that are not only one of a kind treasures and keepsakes, but bordering on art. Her family and nature along with bright colours and a sense of being young and free are the things that inspire her most.

She started doing it to furnish a home for her young family, and then moved onto gifts for friends, but has since expanded from these humble beginnings into starting her own company and website to share her gems with others searching to add flair and dramatic style to their homes.

As Suze recognizes the beauty of others works, from time to time you will also find other artists/companies wares on her site for sale that she wishes to share with her customers. These pieces are ones which make her feel the way her own pieces do, they contain a certain special something that makes them different and unique.